Our accessories are used to keep our products sturdy and upright. Each product has certain accessories which are packed neatly with the products in the carry bag or box. They can also be ordered separately.





Gazebo Weights




We offer two different gazebo weights to further secure your gazebo in windy conditions. Both weights slip effortlessly around gazebo legs, and are small enough for easy transport and storage with your gazebos.
The Steel-plate weights are 10kg, and are powder-coated for protection against the elements. Furthermore, these units are designed to be stacked to increase the weight on each gazebo leg.
The plastic-covered concrete bases are the more economical unit, and weigh 7kg. ABS plastic units are filled with concrete and sealed.



Gazebo-Flag Bracket




The gazebo-flag bracket is made from heavy duty ABS plastic and galvanised steel to be robust and easy-to-fit. The unit attaches to a hexagonal gazebo leg, allowing you to mount a flag banner onto your gazebo, increasing the impact of your branding.



Cluster Bases



Our cluster bases are designed to hold 4 or 5 flag poles which can be either purpose made or your favourite system such as the dolphin or telescopic.

The stands are made from industrial strength steel which is powder coated for protection and to for a great finish.



Ground Spike



The ground spike is made from high-strength steel and is powder coated.



Bearing Spike



An option for the ground spike is the bearing spike with its pressed bearings for easy turning.


Scissor stand



Scissor stands are designed for indoor use but can be used outside with pegs. the scissor mechanism allows for easy packing.


Bearing Scissor Stand



The bearing scissor stand is specifically designed to support revolving systems.

Pressed bearings allow for freely rotating systems to be supported. Ground pegs at each leg provide outdoor stability.


Wall Brackets



Wall brackets can be 45° or 90° and are made from industrial strength steel with powder coating for protection.


Gazebo tool kit



All our gazebos are supplied with a tool kit comprising:

  • rubber mallet
  • guy ropes
  • "V" pegs for guy ropes
  • steel pegs for gazebo legs

Pebble Bases





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