Straight Banner wall


Our banner walls are made from high-tensile aluminium with strong nylon "click" connectors. The frames work on the concertina principle which allows them to be erected and dismantled in seconds. All units are supplied with carry bags as standard. We are able to print fabric up to 3.2m wide, so any height of banner wall can be provided seamlessly. The frames are modular and can accommodate any width or height in units of 750mm. The typical configuration is 3m x 2250 which weighs xxxkg and packs to .. x .. x .., this configuration is easily carried, erected and packed away by one person. We recommend taking end-panels to hide the frame and really complete the professional look.



Curved Banner wall



As a variation on the straight banner wall, we offer the curved wall. This is made for the same materials as the straight wall and is also modular in units of 750mm.




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