Fabric Lightboxes & Blockmounts

Fabric Lightboxes & Blockmounts





Fabric Lightbox



The ultimate in indoor branding, fabric lightboxes are second to none in terms of their impact. When the LED lights are turned off, the lightboxes are no different to a normal fabric frame. Turn the lights on, however, and you get an eye-catching branding solution that demands attention.

Lightboxes are ideal for shop-window displays, where the light they cast not only highlights the branding, but can also illuminate the shop-front. Our units also make for stylish décor in offices and boardrooms, bringing the printed images to life and creating a special ambiance. As with our fabric frames, the lightbox skins are detachable.






The line between art and branding is well and truly blurred with our block-mounted fabric prints. We use only premium quality textiles to carry the vibrant colours and details that make fabric such a great medium for branding.

With our ability to print to any length, and up 3.2m wide, we are able to supply and mount the largest fabric prints available. In addition, we also manufacture double-sided block-mounted prints, perfect for a sophisticated hanging display. Add a touch of class to your display, place an order for block-mount prints today!


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