Flags Range






Telescopic Flags

Sizes: 2m, 3m, 4m 3kg



The telescopic flag comes in a variety of sizes.  The print quality on the material is superb and eye-catching.  The flag is sturdy and long-lasting and can be erected in seconds.  The pole swivels on the ground spike in the direction of the wind to ensure longer lifespan. A tensioner at the base of the flag is an additional option.

We provide a number of fabric options - the standard fabric achieves a great strike-through, but we also offer full double-sided flags.

Telescopics are supplied with ground spikes and carry bags as standard.



Dolphin Flags

Sizes: 1.1m, 2.4m, 3.4m 4.2m
1.95kg - 2.8kg



Our Dolphin flag is the latest design on the market and is copyrighted as it is registered to Quick Shade in terms of the Design Act, 1993.  Sturdy and eye-catching, the Dolphin Flag is one of the most sought-after flag systems today.  Due to a tensioning pole at the base of the flag there is no "flapping" and adjustable tensioners ensure that the flag is always taut.  The bow at the top is streamlined for less wind resistance.

Again Dolphins are supplied with ground spikes and carry bags as standard.



Shark Fin Flags

Sizes: 2m, 3m, 4m 3kg



Shark Fin Flags are made to the same high specification as Dolphins, using the same eye-catching shape but without the tensioner.

Ground spikes and carry bags are standard.


Finn Flags

Sizes: 2m, 3m, 4m 3kg



The Finn Flag is a variation on the Telescopic, but with a rounded top section.

Ground spikes and carry bags are standard


Corporate and Country



We manufacture flags from every country in the world.  The flags can be either digitally printed or screen printed and made to your specifications.  We use SABS approved flag fabric with long lasting colours suited for extreme weather conditions.

Corporate flags can also be made from SABS approved fabric, but we can supply more economical fabric options.


Desk Flags



Desk flags are supplied on a dowel fixed to a plastic base in a variety of colours.


Bunting string



Bunting strings are usually supplied in PVC, with either single-sided or double-sided flags. Flags can be made in any size or shape but are often triangular. We can also make bunting strings in fabric. Flags can be in plain colours or printed with logos or messages.

Strings can be supplied in any lengths, but the most popular is 10m. 


Car Window Flag




Car window flags are supplied with window mounts that clip to side windows.


Back Pack



A lightweight & comfortable backpack fitted with either a 1m telescopic or a 1m Dolphin banner. This creates an eye-catching mobile display ideal for high traffic areas such as High-street malls, traffic lights, exhibition halls or outdoor events.


Cluster Flags



Cluster flags can be supplied as a complete system, with flags in 2, 3, 4 or 5metres. Alternatively you can use the base to display your favourite flag system such as the Dolphin or Telescopic. The base is made from high-strength steel, finished with powder coating for a professional look. Pegs and carry bags are supplied as standard.


Hand Held Flags



We supply hand waving flags to any size on dowels, for crowd safety reasons dowels are usually plastic tubes. We can also supply the massive flags typically passed by hand over the heads of supporters at sporting events

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