We can repair most gazebo frames – regardless of original manufacturer.

Side walls are provided as optional extras with windows and doors being further variations. All units are supplied with carry bags, rope kits, pegs and rubber mallet.






2 x 2m Gazebo

200mm x 200mm x 1200mm


3 x 3m Gazebo

300mm x 300mm x 1600mm



Our Gazebos are made from high tensile anodised aluminium, with high impact molded nylon fittings and connectors. The legs are a hexagonal cross-section for smoother extension.

The fabric used is 100% waterproof, high tear-strength polyester which fares well in the sun. We offer two weights of fabric: 115gsm and 240gsm.

They can be ordered either in plain colours or with full colour branding to get your name out there. Both fabrics are coated for waterproofing. Branded gazebos are digitally printed and thus there is no limit to colours and designs.



4.5 x 3m Gazebo

350mm x 300mm x 1600mm



Other than the length, the 4.5m gazebo differs from the smaller units with the canopy having a "hipped" roof on double uprights. Like the smaller units, the 4.5m gazebo has 4 legs. Due to the rectangular shape, this unit can be fitted with 2 x 3m side walls and 2 x 4.5m side walls.



6 x 3m Gazebo

400mm x 300mm x 1600mm



The largest unit is 6m long and 3m wide. It also has a "hipped" roof canopy, but supported by 3 uprights. This unit has 6 legs. The size of the sides allows for combinations of 3m and 6m side walls, eg the sides would be 3m, the back wall could be 6m and the front wall use a 3m to cover only half the length.


6m Hexagonal Gazebo

36kg< br/> 450mm x 450mm x 1600mm



The Hexagonal Gazebo is a 6-sided unit, with a frame made for the same high quality aluminium as the standard gazebos. The unique shape brings a refreshing change to the traditional display and provides a significantly greater branding space. Side walls can also be provided for the Hexagonal gazebo.


Steel Gazebo

300mm x 300mm x 1600mm




The Steel gazebo is a cost-effective version of the concertina frame, as such it is easy to erect and to pack away. The canopy is the same size as the aluminium gazebo and is offered in both weights of fabric using full digital printing. An ideal low-cost entry to the branded gazebo arena.



Medical Testing Booths




We are proud to be the leading innovator of mobile medical booths, specifically designed for remote medical testing and services. The medical booths are made from robust, water-resistant 240gsm material, and consist of a canopy with 4 fitted walls.

Our booths are retractable, and are packed into a convenient bag allowing very easy transportation and storage. In addition, the units are designed to be as economical as possible – without compromising on quality.




Heavy Duty Gazebos




We are proud to introduce our new heavy-duty gazebos, available in both 4mx4m and 8mx4m units. Made from high tensile anodised aluminium, the increased thickness of the struts and legs, in addition to the new reinforced push-up design, means that the heavy-duty units are incredibly robust. Canopies are only available in heavy-duty 240gsm polyester material.




Gazebo Veranda




The veranda extension for gazebos affords increased protection from the elements, as well as additional branding space. Sturdy, high-tensile anodised aluminium arms attach quickly and easily to your gazebo frame, while the veranda cover attaches to the gazebo canopy with Velcro. The scalloped trimming catches the eye and draws attention to the branding above.



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