Hanging Banners


We supply a wide selection of banners, made from the finest polyester fabrics and PVC. For hanging banners in fabric we typically use Polyknit as this holds its shape perfectly while printing in vibrant colours. With digital printing we are able to print any design, all colours and any image, including high resolution photos. Hanging banner finishing options include: rope & eyelets poles top & bottom finials to really add a touch of class banner clips top & bottom for a quick and economical finish that can be re-used.



Standard Banners


Standard banners are custom made to any shape and size. A typical format would be landscape with eyelets and rope. We use a variety of fabrics such as polyknit, airtech (particularly suitable for fence wraps), PVC, coated oxford etc. Fabric can be printed in any length and up to 3.2metres wide, so we are able to accommodate virtually any size you need. Standard banners are a very cost effective way of displaying your brand at events. 



T-Frame Banner (Indoor)



We have created a light-weight T-Frame banner system that can be used indoors to demarcate areas such as queues, while carrying your brand or message. The frame is easily erected and is light enough to be rearranged quickly. Sections are typically 2 metres by 1 metre, but can be made in larger sizes as well. The design is such that sections can be joined by cable ties to create variable lengths of any size. We use polytwill fabric as this has a slight stretch to ensure the banner fits the frame snugly.


Event T-Frames (Outdoor)



The T-Frame concept has been taken outdoors with a steel frame. All the advantages of the indoor T-Frame are here, but the steel adds robustness required for outdoor use. The steel T-Frames are particularly good for events such as marathons, cycle races and festivals. We supply the covers in either coated fabric or PVC.


Speaker Wraps & Stage Banners


With our ability to print fabric up to 3.2metres wide, we have supplied speaker wraps and stage banners to a number of events such as: Ramfest (pictured here), Rocking The Daisies, Cape Town International Jazz Festival, Huisgenoot Skouspel, Aardklop etc For truly huge banners our sewing team is expert at matching and stitching edges so that the overall effect is superb.

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