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Crowd Barriers



Crowd barriers offer the perfect solution for managing people and their movements at sport events, concerts, and festivals. Our crowd barriers afford prominent branding space and are supplied in a variety of sizes, including 2mx 1m vertical; 2mx1m horizontal; and 3mx1m horizontal barriers. The frames are made from powder-coated steel, and can be quickly disassembled for easy storage and transportation. The covers can be manufactured from either PVC or hard-wearing 240gsm polyester. Both materials are water-proof and easy to clean; a necessity for the rigours of outdoor events.



PVC Wedges


Full-colour branded PVC wedges are ideal for use on sports fields as field and boundary markers. In addition to clearly and safely demarcating distances and boundaries, our PVC wedges also provide eye-catching branding space for event sponsors. Our wedges are made from highly durable foam and covered with PVC, which is hard-wearing, waterproof, and easy to clean. Our wedges are available in the following sizes:

·1m (1000mmx300mm)
·1m (1000mmx1000mm)
·2m (2000mmx300mm)
·2m (2000mmx1000mm)
·3m (3000mmx1000mm)
·4m (4000mmx1000mm)
·5m (5000mmx1000mm)



Mirror Socks



We make the mirror socks from a stretch polyester which can accommodate most mirror sizes.
With digital printing any image can be shown in full vibrant colour. For the best results we recommend a short sharp message.



Security Scanner Socks


Security scanners are appearing at many retail outlets and provide a great opportunity for branding. We have developed custom fitted covers for these units, using fabric to give a pleasing and classy look.
We use a fabric with a degree of stretch to ensure a snug fit. Digital printing enables any image to be presented.



Bar Skirts



Customise your bar-counters or serving tables with our branded bar skirts. Available in either 240gsm polyester or PVC, the skins are hard-wearing, water-proof and easy to clean – perfect for the rigours of bars, beer gardens, and festival stalls. The skirts are attached with Velcro and can be easily replaced to ensure the branding remains fresh. Branded bar mats can be added for a complete branding solution.






The mats are made from polyester with a non-slip rubber backing. It can be used as a bar runner, scratch protection on the workshop bench or to take your brand right to the till point.

These units are machine washable and ideal for the point of sale environment.



Stacking Cubes



Stacking cubes come in various sizes but the most popular is the 500mm cube. The frame is plastic with a zip-up fabric covering. This is delivered flat-packed for ease of transport and storage and can be assembled/collapsed in one minute.

The cube allows for 6 separate designs and incredibly varied displays can be created by using a number of cubes together as building blocks, this is ideal for exhibitions and retail displays. The cube is light enough to be used as a hanging display.





Windsocks are an eye-catching alternative to flags and can be used on any standard flag pole as we supply rope and clips to attach in exactly the same way as flags. They can be hoisted and lowered daily if required.





Branded tablecloths are very popular for seminars and exhibitions, as they easily convert otherwise drab trestle tables into bright areas that expose your brand at its best. We supply tablecloths in polytwill with the edges hemmed, overlocked or heat-slit. Table cloths can be draped or box-fitted to size. We are able to print up to 3.2metres wide and can thus supply virtually any size tablecloth without a seam.



Car Covers



Car covers allow motor dealers to present vehicles to their new owners in a special way, the thrill of buying a new car is heightened by this unusual presentation.
We make the covers from a soft fabric that will not affect the cars’ finish. Digital printing allows all colours and any design to be printed, including a photo of the new owner! Any size vehicle can be catered for.


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