Pop-up banner

2m & 3m 2m @ 2.5kg & 3m @ 3.5kg




The Pop-up banner frame is made from 6mm fibreglass rod to hold its shape. The banner is digitally printed onto coated fabric for easy cleaning.

This unique product flat-packs with a twist into a circle 850mm diameter and comes with pegs and carry bag as standard




Vertical Pop-up banner

2m & 3m 2m @ 3.5kg & 3m @ 4.5kg




The Pop-up banner also can be configured as a vertical unit with 3 sides to maximise the display area.


Car-roof Pop-up 1.5kg



The versatile car-roof pop-up has been developed into a car-top unit, particularly useful for estate agents show houses. The unit is held in place on the stationary car by straps through the windows. NB this is a static display unit!



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