Umbrellas Range





Parasol (2 & 2.5m)


Parasols are intended to be used in static positions, rather than for events, as a result the pole is supplied in one complete length of either 2 or 2.5metres. Parasol canopies are digitally printed on water-proof heavy fabric and the frame is made from high-tensile aluminium. We supply concrete bases with fittings in the Cape Town region and supply steel fittings in all other areas. It is not cost-effective to transport concrete bases around the country, but we have sourced a number of suppliers in other centers who can supply direct.



Rubber parasol base




We have developed a rubber covered parasol base. The rubber is made from re-cycled car tyres and is a novel use for waste that is hard to dispose of. The rubber surface prevents damage to vehicles and people typically associated with bare concrete and ensures that the base can survive countless falls - concrete bases normally crack on the 1st fall!. The base weighs 33kg and is supplied with a steel fitting capable of taking any parasol pole up to 50mm diameter.



Beach Umbrellas



Beach umbrellas are usually 2metres in diameter and can be printed in corporate colours with full images or logos. Beach umbrellas are ideal for events and create a real effect for your brand when displayed in numbers. We digitally print the covers in coated fabric which is water-resistant. For large volumes with 1-2 colours we screen print for economy.


Golf Umbrellas



Golf umbrellas can be either digitally or screen printed, depending on volumes required.

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